About Our School:

About Our School

The School’s Educational program includes several age groups:  preschool (3 -year-olds , 4 -year-olds ), kindergarten (5- year-olds), primary school (6-year-olds and older), and high school.  One of the School’s benefits is its English-language program intended for children who do not yet speak Polish.  Other benefits are classes in dance and rhythm, in the course of regular lessons. Since the school began, the teachers have tried to give the children the opportunity to learn about various aspects of Polish culture, including Polish dance and song.  Mr. Gregory Rykowski originally developed this program, now led by Mrs. Marzena Pol, a passionate teacher of dance and recipient of awards at international festivals in dance and theater.  Students at our school learn different forms of dance and theater techniques and prepare to perform at school events.
In addition, the school conducts religious education classes (in Polish) in preparation for First Communion and the Sacrament of Confirmation.  This program is conducted by members of the clergy and a specially-trained team of catechists from St. Hyacinth Parish, under the supervision of the Pastor Michael Osuch.  Beginning in 2013, the program will be under the care of Father Stanislaw Jankowski.  The teachers in our school have many years of experience in education, and have degrees in education from universities in Poland and the USA.

Teachers conduct their lessons in small groups so as to generate interest and encourage learning, using proven modern teaching methods in a variety of school programs.  Out School uses a standardized program, so that children who may move to other regions of the U.S will have an education analogous to other Polish schools.

Our School also offers lunch during the school day to all students. We believe that spending time to take a common meal helps our children to develop and strengthen social contacts within the School.

The School organizes a number of special events during the year, including First Grade Entrance (Pasowanie Pierwszoklasistów), Teacher’s Day, Carnival fun for the students, Christmas Vigil (Wigilia), Jasełka, Mother’s Day , Father’s Day, and the Easter Fair. During the Easter Fair, students engage in traditional Easter egg painting, and the School invites persons from outside the school to participate. At the same time, the School enrolls new students for the coming school year.

Every year in May, students, their parents, and teachers represent the School by marching in the Polish Constitution Day Parade in Chicago’s Loop (downtown).  During the autumn season the Parents’ Committee organizes an evening  fundraiser entitled ”Autumn Fun” (Zabawa Jesienna) for parents and friends of the school.  This event is not only about having a good time, but also about raising money for the School .  The Autumn Fun fundraiser is one of the most anticipated events on the School’s calendar, from which participants always have fond memories .

The  Marie Sklodowska -Curie Polish School is a place that preserves Polish principles and traditions, one of only a  few that cares so much for its reputation, image, teaching staff, and school board, making it unique in the American Polish school system.   Graduates leave well prepared and speak Polish beautifully. They know and understand the roots of their ancestors.  They know Poland, and visit it as soon as they have the opportunity to do so. They receive high honors and do well at American institutions of higher learning. They proudly say that they attended the Marie Sklodowska- Curie Polish School in Chicago , IL.
Welcome to our Polish school!